Consulting and Advisory
  • We deliver solutions which bring value for our clients. Products are only one part of success. We will understand your problems, short – long term targets, expectations, constrains, restrictions all in order to know the directions needed and provide answers to how MacTrack technology can help you with.
  • Part of our services is also the implementation of Simulation and LEAN optimization of the process and entire production lines.
  • Stage of lifecycle where we are diving deep to know our client processes, level of automation, IT systems, coverage distribution of assets, operation hours and other areas related to RTLS technology. Specific attention we put to integration with existing Information system.
 Design, Implementation
  • Required Future state and Analyses drive development of new functionality. RTLS technology provides highly critical data for changes in business and together with Business Intelligence creates new values for client. Implementation team is materializing Project plan with cooperation with client side.
  • Integration with IS – Prenavis provides cooperation during integration of client‘s information system and MacTrack localization technology.
Training and education
  • Automation brings new values but there is always human aspect which finally influences success of project. Prenavis put focus on sharing information and education for client people who will be in contact with new system or data.
Operation, Support, Service
  • We provide support and service for RTLS system and continuously monitoring and react on emerging client  needs.