RTLS MacTrack

MacTrack is Ultra WideBand Real Time Location System (UWB RTLS) made by Prenavis company.  MacTrack RTLS identifies position of objects (products, goods, people, animals, devices, tools), displays them in real time on a digital map, store data to database for the next usage.

Picture: Digital map of workplace

Typical applications:

  • Reduce search time to find products, goods, tools or people in workplace
  • Asset tracking and monitoring
  • Logistic
  • Process automation
  • Track movement or Navigate vehicles in warehouses
  • Identify product and process running, assembly status
  • Protect people from entering into dangerous zone
  • Count number of people entering or leaving tunnel

MacTrack RTLS data brings to the client competitive advantage. Stored data and data analyses reveal opportunity for Productivity, Efficiency, Safety. Data from system can be used for Audit purposes as well. UWB technology transmits data over a distance up to 100 meters with ability to carry signals through doors, walls. Precision of MacTrack system is 20 cm. MacTrack can be equipped with different sensors to measure and carry out data like CO2, temperature, pressure, etc.   MacTrack UWB RTLS

  • Operates in 3,5 – 7 GHz
  • Robust, reliable and precise system
  • Resistance against interferences, reflections and change of environment
  • Ability to track moving objects (people in cars)
  • Equipped with UWB system management tool
  • Can be equipped by sensors (pressure, acceleration, CO2)
  • Easy implementation
  • Remote service maintenance
  • Suitable also for high density of tracked objects

What is RTLS?  Real Time Location System (RTLS) is a modern Indoor Positioning System that identifies and tracks subjects within a known workplace. This technology belongs under Internet Of things (IOT) and Digital transformation. RTLS can be understood as Indoor complement of GPS.

Picture: RTLS infrastructure

How does it work? RTLS technology is a combination of Hardware and Software

  • Active Tags – electronic moduls transmitting very short radio signal. Tags are attached to objects or worn by people. Signals from Tags are received and processed by Anchors.
  • Anchors – fixed reference points receiving radio signal from Tags. The set of Anchor devices create the infrastructure that is necessary for coverage of workplace where identification of objects required. The Anchors send data via Ethernet or WiFi connection to server. Position of tag is calculated on servers based on data received from Anchors and by trigonometry formulas
  • Server – receiving data from Anchors, calculate Tag positions using trigonometry and artificial inteligence. Store data for the next processing
  • Web RTLS administrator – tool for administration of MacTrack system providing also basic workspace visualization and reports
  • RTLS data transfer and Integration with local IS allows to display, process data from RTLS and operate them in local client information system

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